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As with many things, #1PMChat was a bit of an accident that has become something with a life and character of its own, and is now growing into something that could never have been imagined a while ago!

The heart of #1PMChat is the idea of taking a break away from work and just having some harmless, usually nonsensical, chatter while grabbing something to eat. The #1PMChat twitterhour will always remain almost completely work free, but this website is not playing by those rules!

#1PMChat Goes Businessy!

Business is as much about people as it is about money. In the digital world, personality can come through, even in the limited amount of characters twitter makes available. Although running a business is always about money, experience shows that if that business has personality, then people will engage! One thing that the #1PMChat twitterhour has is personality! It has also shown me a willingness for people to help each other. Yes, business is competitive, but people also like to see other people succeed – and that is what this site is about! The idea of a blog to compliment the twitterhour has been around for a while, but it was only when I had the idea of running a series of very short information based blogs for my own site, that I realised how well the idea would fit in with a #1PMChat platform. To find out more about how the #TwoMinuteBlog might help you get more people looking at your business by click here.

#1PMChat Also Goes Creative

And it is not just businesses that make #1PMChat what it is. Authors, artists and many other creatives add to the rich diversity of chatterers that dip in and out each weekday lunchtime. Add to that some individuals who don’t fit easily into any category and #1PMChat is a forum that never ceases to inform or provoke a laugh. 

If you are an author, artist or any creative wanting a platform to shout about your latest project, get in touch – we want to promote you!

...And There's Merch!

Oh! And finally, the final piece of the jigsaw that was the prompt for starting 1PMChat.com was the suggestion that #1PMChat should have its own merchandise! So, with the amazing help of www.myclubstuff.net we do! Please click and take a look at the #1PMChat shop and buy something if you can. #1PMChat takes no money from any sales and all profit will be donated to MIND who do fantastic work. Especially in the field of mental health awareness in the workplace.

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