#1PMChat Summer Update!!

Just a quick update on things #1PMChat! Been overly busy these last few months so firstly thanks to everyone who helps, joins in and makes it fun to do. Secondly, huge apologies to anyone who I haven't replied to or posted a blog for over the last six to eight weeks. I will be trying to catch up throughout August!

#1PMChat will be two in September and so much has changed in just a couple of years! When @TinyMischief suggested I host a lunchtime hour so that a few virtual friends could stay in touch it was the perfect way for me to fill my time. I had no idea it would be such an important part of me filling my time!

For those of you that are interested in these things, as of today the account has 2,452 followers and regularly has a monthly impression reach of over 300,000. For those of you who love the maths question in the quiz each week, you will have already worked out that the account is growing by about 100 a month.

But it was never about growing an account or anything that could remotely be regarded as a plan. Even 1PMChat.com was something that was thought of in the morning and existed by teatime. It is the instant interaction and being able to implement an idea straightaway that I think is one of the appeals of it.

The main appeal of it of course is “meeting” other people. Without doubt I have had the greatest fun chatting with the widest range of people I could ever imagine. The biggest kick I get is seeing two accounts interacting and thinking that it is possible they would not have met unless it was through the #1PMChat hour.

Last year we took the Summer off, mainly because the hour goes quiet in the holiday season and everybody needs a break. This year is different from any other year ever because no one is doing what they normally do! So I have been thinking about how to manage taking a break, as well as mulling over a number of other issues which I am privately (now publicly) referring to as pre and post eye incindent!

Let me explain. Two years ago I had a lot of free time and was anticipating that to continue. For all sorts of reasons I started to be asked to get involved in some projects and I greedily hoovered up the opportunities offered with each one. Some have grown bigger than others, some I am committed to and some have finished or will have a natural end time.

While this was ongoing, #1PMChat was quietly growing and although we have tried to do a few different things with it, the ideas for using the platform to make it more helpful to the users remained just ideas. Things like @SimsHilarySims blogs, @LibraryPlayer’s recipes a “Ask #1PMChat” hashtag where followers could help each other by asking and answering questions. Even a database where followers, after being around for a while could have a page on the blog to say a bit more about themselves. Something I thought would be a good idea for creatives such as authors and artists as well as micro businesses. The #1PMChat hour should always be a work free environment, but the website needn’t be.

All of these ideas were and are just that. Ideas. There is no way I had the resources to implement any of them. In fact, I am behind in putting up some blogs at the moment! Then I hurt my eye a few weeks ago. And that literally and metaphorically hit me in the face!

In short, while being sorted for that I was told that if I wanted to be around longer I needed to do less. Not stop, and fortunately I have nothing wrong with me that causes any actual symptoms. However, working 7 days a week and more than an average 8 hour day isn’t apparently going to reduce my blood pressure to an acceptable level.

So, I regard myself as being incredibly lucky to be in the position to do things I love doing, as long as I cut it down a bit. Which means I can still do #1PMChat! But, I’m going to have to cut my hosting down in order to still be involved in some of the other projects I am doing.

What I am hoping is that we can increase the guest hosting so that #1PMChat can still be every weekday (And Saturday for as long as Simon wants!!) As from next week, w/c 3/8, I’m going to just do two days a week, including the Thursday quiz, throughout August just to get some relaxation time. Anyone who would like to take on any of the other three days would be welcomed with open arms and should DM me. I didn’t want to close for the whole month like last year because 2020 is nothing like 2019 and I think “taking a holiday” isn’t really a thing this year!

Being a part of #1PMChat is possibly the most enjoyable thing I have done “workwise” and I am so grateful to have made so many friends here. Sincere thanks to all of you for joining in, contributing, liking or even just stalking!!

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