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Welcome to 1pmChat's blog! What's it all about then? Many of you will know, and hopefully join in with, the weekday twitterhour #1pmChat. For an hour every weekday it's a place where busy people, and even not so busy people, can take a break from work matters and just have a chat with each other. With close on a thousand followers and a monthly reach of nearly 300,000 it reaches the parts that conventional business networking twitterhours just don't want to reach! For some time though, thoughts have been fermenting about how such a great bunch that make #1pmChat what it is could benefit in a more business related way. And that is where this blog was born. Ideas, Info, And The #TwoMinuteBlog... The goal of this blog is to encourage the followers of #1pmChat to post short pieces that can be read in about two minutes, usually about 300…

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