The Christmas 1PMChat Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everybody! I thought it was about time I did another newsletter!First and foremost is the need to thank everyone that has a part in #1pmchat and by that I mean everyone that follows, likes, retweets, and comments, as well as contributors and hosts.You are all an amazing bunch!I've never pretended that I know what I am doing as custodian of the 1pmchat hashtag. Trying different things and being constantly surprised at what works and what doesn't is an experience that I have grown to enjoy, although making mistakes and failing to follow up ideas, the reasons for which are many, is both uncomfortable and far removed from my "other" life where meticulous planning and research was, I thought, my only way of doing things."The numbers are not important" is something I constantly see mooted as a sensible and adult way of looking at stats. However, as someone who…

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