About 1pmChat and The #TwoMinuteBlog

This site is the work side of #1PMChat and the home of the 1PMChat #TwoMinuteBlog. What is a #TwoMinuteBlog I hear you ask! A #TwoMinuteBlog is a Blog of about 300 to 400 words that can be typically read in about two minutes! Ideal reading while having a cuppa and a digestive!

Submitted by the followers of #1PMChat and containing some useful snippets of information about whatever that follower is expert in, it also will contain a link back to whatever page the contributor wants and will be promoted on twitter outside the normal #1PMChat twitterhour. The whole idea is to encourage posts that are short but sweet and inform the reader.

Whether you would like to post a series of “how to” snippets, answers to FAQ’s or shout about the launch of a new service or product, the #TwoMinuteBlog is the place to do it! 

For a blog to work well it needs to have two elements (There’s a lot more to it than that, but we’ll stick to two for the moment!). It needs to post regularly and it needs to engage. When running a blog for a business, posting regularly and keeping the content fresh can be a challenge. By using  the #TwoMinuteBlog there will be a benefit in being part of a blog that is posting frequently from different users. Not only will it be potentially be seen by the #1PMChat community, it may well enjoy a higher ranking in search engines. All posts will include a link back to your own site, which, in itself is a plus as far as search engines go!

As for engagement, we all know the benefit of getting comments. Blogs with comments are just more successful. So, to get the best out of the #TwoMinuteBlog you are very much encouraged to leave a comment on someone else’s post!

Click here for full details of how you can become involved with the #TwoMinuteBlog

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