If you follow #1pmChat on Twitter, then posting on the 1pmChat blog is for you! Think of it as #Blogvertising!

Getting visits to your site and comments on your blog can be a challenge. Regularly posting on a blog can also be time consuming and finding fresh content no mean task. Yet, it is clear that regular posting and a healthy comment box are very helpful for getting yourself noticed by search engines.

  • Posting something on the 1pmChat blog can be helpful in several ways:
  • Posting a blog on a platform alongside other blogs will increase the chances of it being seen
  • Your blog post will always carry a link back to your own site
  • Your post will be tweeted using the 1pmChat hashtag to nearly 1000 followers and a monthly reach of nearly 300,000
  • Comments will be actively encouraged, helping the blog to be noticed

In order to keep the site focused on ideas and information and away from blunt sales pitches, there are a few guidelines that should be followed. I expect there will be ideas that fall outside of them, if that is the case, just ask!

Here are the guidelines for a #TwoMinuteBlog:

  • Blogs should be 300 to 400 words

  • Blogs should focus on giving information

  • Blogs can be either direct copies of blogs you have already written for your own site, or a summary of an existing blog that asks the reader to click through and read the full blog at your own site

  • Graphics are welcome

  • You are in full control of how long the blog remains published. It will stay on the site indefinitely or until you instruct otherwise or stop following #1pmchat on twitter

  • 1pmChat reserves the right to edit any blogs for the purpose of appropriate layout.

  • !pmChat is happy to discuss the amount and placement of links in the blog

  • The copyright of the blog content remains with you, but, by posting on the site you accept that 1pmChat can repost it or link back to it on any social media platform. With the exception of Twitter, which we will use entirely at our dicretion, it is expected that your permission will be sought before posting elsewhere.

  • Although we cannot enforce this, we would like you to take a few minutes to comment on each others posts. The more this is done the more it will benefit everybody

  • 1pmChat teatains the final say on what is posted on the site.

Unlike Twitter, running a site such as 1pmChat.com involves some cost and a lot more comitment. While not expecting the site to fund a retirement in the Antibes, the practicalities are that some attempt should be made to recover those modest costs. The whole idea of the site is to encourage visitors back to your own sites, so it is hoped that either a fee of £1 per post, a one off fee for a number of posts, or an affiliate arrangement, will be recovered many fold by those posting on the site. If you have an idea that includes posting on a regular basis, then I am sure a suitable arrangement can be agreed!

For all post ideas just contact me using this form and we will start working out how to make the blog work best for you!

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