The Summer 1PMChat Newsletter

If you are reading this, then you have found us! For that, we are extremely grateful! It has been nearly six months since was just an idea, and nearly a year since @1PMChat arrived on Twitter, so it is about time that we shared some news! In just under 10 months @1PMChat has grown to over 1200 followers and has a 4 weekly reach of over 300,000. The Thursday quiz now has about 400 engagements in the hour and is seen in the timelines of just under 20,000 users. Got to give huge thanks to everyone that takes part in the lunchtime hour of non workness! Huge thanks go to Joanna and Pippy who regularly host on a Tuesday as well as guest hosts @ICCollabCreate,  and @AspectIT. If you would like to guest host #1PMChat why not get in touch! I would love to hear from you! We all…

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Hello Folks!

Welcome to 1pmChat's blog! What's it all about then? Many of you will know, and hopefully join in with, the weekday twitterhour #1pmChat. For an hour every weekday it's a place where busy people, and even not so busy people, can take a break from work matters and just have a chat with each other. With close on a thousand followers and a monthly reach of nearly 300,000 it reaches the parts that conventional business networking twitterhours just don't want to reach! For some time though, thoughts have been fermenting about how such a great bunch that make #1pmChat what it is could benefit in a more business related way. And that is where this blog was born. Ideas, Info, And The #TwoMinuteBlog... The goal of this blog is to encourage the followers of #1pmChat to post short pieces that can be read in about two minutes, usually about 300…

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