A 1PM Chat With Sean and Clare, Creators of the Untamed Frizz Taming Machine.

"The key is to keep focused on your goal and move forward no matter what is going on around you, as you will not make this happen if not" Clare , ready to start fulfilling orders! Many of us have been down the business start up road, it takes courage, commitment, and an absolute faith in your own idea to make it work. After 18 months of planning, and selling their house to fund the business, Clare and Sean are at the point of seeing their dream launch this week.They kindly gave 1PMChat the opportunity to talk about bringing their innovative hair dryer to the market, and the ups and downs of starting a business from scratch. 1PMChat: How long has it been between the initial idea of this unique hair dryer and making the decision to commit to it as a business.?Sean: The idea for the business stemmed from Clare’s…

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A 1PMChat With Author Michael Gallagher

I love the majority of my characters. Even the annoying ones and villainous ones need to spark a little understanding or sympathy or they risk being cut-outs. Michael Gallagher Octavius Guy, otherwise known as Goosebeery, is about to have his fourth outing as Michael Gallagher's resourceful young detective. However, before becoming the protagonist in Michael's books, Octavius started life with a cameo appearance in what is generally accepted as the first ever detective novel; The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, first published over 140 years beforehand. Like Octavius, Michael had a life before becoming a full time author and talks to 1PMChat about his time teaching, his interest in photography and, of course, Octavius. 1PM: You say you first met Octavius when you read The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins? MG: Yes, I fell in love with Wilkie Collins’s Octavius Guy, aka Gooseberry, when my Crimes & Thrillers reading group tackled The…

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A 1PMChat With Author Sheila Patel

"Are there more Vodka Wardrobes to come?" "I’ve asked Ikea on twitter to stock them, but they blocked me!" Regular #1pmChat followers will be aware of Sheila Patel and the frequent twitter exchanges that involve Gin, Spam and her expertise regarding Wetherspoons. Many followers have already read her three, soon to be four, books that revolve around the bonkers goings in in her Vodka Wardrobe universe, but a degree in engineering. a MBA, careers at British Aerospace and running her own successful training company mean that Sheila may be less bonkers that she cares to let on. 1PMChat: How long had you been thinking about Vodka Wardrobe before writing it? SP: Think I might have been acting it out since my teens, lol. I have a huge family and lots of grown up nieces and they do some of the craziest things. Some of the events in the books are…

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