Movies According To Mischief – Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Directed by: Michael Engler

Cast: Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton

I can actually remember back in 2009 the conversation being about Downton Abbey and how wonderful it was.

I was 18, starting university and could not be less interested in the lives of an Earl and crew of servants in keeping his house spick and span. I had caught clips of it, and Heaven forbid the Mischief clan missed out on the Christmas Special! It was all they could talk about for the rest of the Christmas holiday! I was made to partake in the viewing of it, whist praising God that I was late and had missed the majority of it, and found I could not be more bored in my life (there was something about a car crash I think?). Since then this has been my opinion of Downton.

Skip forward to early 2019, on a unsuspecting trip the cinema I was hit with the scariest trailer I have ever witnessed. Downton Abbey, the film…

It wasn’t the trailer that scared me most, it was the fact I was with the Mother, who had also witnessed it and therefore right then and there, two hours of my life were signed and sealed to be delivered on as yet unknown date to witness Downton Abbey. Fast forward a few more months, low and behold, it had to be released on Friday 13th of all days. Yes, I booked the tickets, under pressure from the Mother. I’ve never witnessed her so excited for a film. So, in we went, me armed with a two-scoop ice cream sundae, with extra toppings, and a latte.

Oh Holy Hell! I’m converted. I first believed it was Maggie Smith’s one liners that were going to keep me going, but instead I was actually totally engrossed in it. Everything. Every little detail. Obviously, I’m missing a lot, I vaguely figured out who was who but am missing out on back stories and previous events in their lives. There was roars of laughter from the full cinema audience where I was missing in jokes or references but it didn’t stop me enjoying it any less.

I don’t think I am (at 28 years old) the films main target audience, and personally I’ve never seen so many shades of grey hair in one room before but there were a few younger people there, who also confirmed to me that had low expectations of the film but also found they fully enjoyed it and would now look at starting the boxset (thank you Granny!).

My only bug bear with it was the most drama filled moments lacked emotion, lacked the thrill and was over in a few seconds. It was hardly going to have the same levels of excitement of an action film such as Hobs & Shaw so they shouldn’t be compared, but anything to get the pacemakers working a little harder would have been nice.

And if you must know… I’m on episode 3 of the boxset…

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