Simon’s Victoria Sponge

Many thank’s again to Simon Pittman (@LibraryPlayer ) for another smashing looking cake!

This time his Victoria Sponge


3 Eggs


Caster Sugar

Plain Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

First weigh the eggs, then use the same weight for the Margarine, Caster Sugar and Plain Flour. 

For instance, if the eggs weigh 6 1/2 oz, then use 6 1/2 oz of Margarine, Caster Sugar and Plain Flour.

  1. Cream margarine and caster sugar together until light

  2. Beat in the eggs

  3. Sift the plain flour into the mixture and fold in until thoroughly mixed

  4. Mixture should now have a soft dropping consistency, if not, add a dessert spoon of water or milk to bring it to the right consistency.

Split the mixture into 2 victoria sponge tins and level the mixture.

Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees or gas mark 4

Leave to cool.

Decorating/Putting together.

I’d originally planned to just have strwberry jam in the middle, however I decided to make some buttercream too!


2oz Butter

4oz Icing Sugar

1tsp Milk

Add the softened butter to the icing sugar and then beat together until the sugar has disappeared. Then add the milk and mix well.

Spread one half of the sponge with the jam and the other half with the buttercream then carefully place one on top of the other.

Scone rules apply regarding whether you have the jam or the buttercream on the top or the bottom!

Note: You can use self raising flour, just don’t put in the Baking Powder.

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