The #1PMChat Prize Puzzle Challenge! September 2019 Wk 2.

Think You Can Be The #1PMChat Puzzle Champ?

Each week there will be some puzzles for you to solve. Send your answers to win your points and at the end of each month the person with the most points will win a coveted #1PMChat T Shirt! Full details to come next week!

Your points will then accumulate and whoever has the most points by the end of July 2020 will be crowned the #1PMChat Puzzle Champ! And win the main prize!

Andrew Bradley, also known as @PlaneMirrorArt on twitter, loves devising puzzles, and he has joined with #1PMChat to give you a chance of solving some of his favourites. Are you up to the challenge?

Puzzle Number 1

Worth 3 Points

Answer: 162

Puzzle Number 2

Worth 2 Points

Answer: 1994. The number of goals scored (before penalties) in the World Cup final of that year.

Puzzle Number 3

Worth 1 Point

Name the two people on the mixed up flag (half point for each).

Answer: Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

There are a total of 6 points available this week. Write your answers below and press “submit”!

A table of the winners will appear opposite so you can keep an eye on who is winning!

A winners table will appear here! Will you be on it?

Send your answers here!

Rules of entry

  1. Only entries submitted on the entry form will be valid
  2.  It is a free to enter competition
  3. Puzzles will be published on a Thursday with the results published on the following Wednesday
  4. There is no cash alternative prize
  5. Competition is only open to people over 18 and resident in the UK
  6. Personal data will not be kept and will be deleted within 7 days of the results being published.
  7. The competition rules can be altered at the discretion of #1PMChat and are subject to the usual rules of force majeure.

Keep the competition fun and please don’t share the answers anywhere else!

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