The #1PMChat Prize Puzzle Challenge! September 2019 Wk 3.

Think You Can Be The #1PMChat Puzzle Champ?

Each week there will be some puzzles for you to solve. Send your answers to win your points and at the end of each month the person with the most points will win a coveted #1PMChat T Shirt! Full details to come next week!

Your points will then accumulate and whoever has the most points by the end of July 2020 will be crowned the #1PMChat Puzzle Champ! And win the main prize!

Andrew Bradley, also known as @PlaneMirrorArt on twitter, loves devising puzzles, and he has joined with #1PMChat to give you a chance of solving some of his favourites. Are you up to the challenge?

Puzzle No.1

Worth 3 Points


Puzzle No.2.

Worth 2 Points

Answer: The first elements of the periodic table. H He Li Be B C N O F Ne Na. The background picture is from a painting of Cromwell at the Battle of Naseby.

Puzzle No. 3.

Worth 1 Point.

M. The initial letters of the months in reverse order.

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