The Christmas 1PMChat Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everybody!

I thought it was about time I did another newsletter!

First and foremost is the need to thank everyone that has a part in #1pmchat and by that I mean everyone that follows, likes, retweets, and comments, as well as contributors and hosts.

You are all an amazing bunch!

I’ve never pretended that I know what I am doing as custodian of the 1pmchat hashtag. Trying different things and being constantly surprised at what works and what doesn’t is an experience that I have grown to enjoy, although making mistakes and failing to follow up ideas, the reasons for which are many, is both uncomfortable and far removed from my “other” life where meticulous planning and research was, I thought, my only way of doing things.

“The numbers are not important” is something I constantly see mooted as a sensible and adult way of looking at stats. However, as someone who has made a career out of finance I think you will understand that being sensible and adult about stats doesn’t come naturally to me. Therefore, seeing the follower count increase by about a hundred every month and knowing that over any 28 day period the hashtag has been seen by anything between 300k and 350k shocks, amuses and fascinates me. I am forever curious as to where this journey is actually going.

And that brings me appropriately to what happens next, and for that I need to thank Andrew Bradley (@planemirrorart), for it was him that made me look at the potential of 1pmchat and the reality of the time that it needs and deserves to make it better for everyone. Truth is, my circumstances are changing in a way that I could have never predicted, and as a result I am going to have to scale down the amount of time I set aside for hosting. The Thursday quiz is a highlight of my week and having to field a myriad of bonkers responses keeps me in giggle material for several days after. I’m comfortable with adding one more day to that and given that Joanna is doing a great job on Tuesday’s, it means that I am looking for two more hosts to ensure the hour thrives. If anyone is interested I would be delighted to hear from you!



The site is not working the way I would like, but it’s getting there.

As with the hour, some things have worked and some things haven’t. The reviews are a major success, and huge thanks to Shaunna and Fee for their work here, as are the interviews and if I can find a way of building on them, I would be delighted. All suggestions welcome!

I would like to see posts from followers that give helpful insight about therir professional lives and am working on an idea that would mean everyone having an opportunity to showcase what they do. I really like the concept, but cannot see me being able to roll it out for a few months due to other commitments. Watch this space (or your DM inbox) for developments! 


I’ve mentioned the quiz, but one other thing I would like to mention. One of which was the opportunity to meet Michael Gallagher, @seventh7rainbow. The interaction between followers is one of the special things about twitter for me, but the opportunity to meet up in person is a rare occurrence and meeting Michael, sharing lunch and seeing his manor was definitely a highlight. perhaps I can persuade him to visit Devon one day!

That brings to three the number of people I’ve actually met through twitter!

And finally...

#1PMChat will be taking a break over Christmas. The last “normal” hour being 13th December and it will return on 6th January. Please feel completely free to use the # to keep in touch with each other during the break!

As a special treat there will be a “Christmas special” collaboration with #twitteam on the 19th!!!

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